Woman in the Pantheon

I see here in the display cases my letters / my old dress shoes, dresses, underskirts! / the gentlemen nicely acquired it! I am familiar with male stupidity, male vanities / but to show fans and corsets! Yuk, gentlemen, this is all so strange / So what if I’m screaming?! My lovers were numerous / but I am not sure, sir, if you were among them! / I want to put on your gown, Muses / free of those who undressed me alive / do not ask me for my memories, tenderness / If I must sniff my own past / then farewell, Pantheon, farewell, Muses / May your lists exclude my name / then I prefer to enter into oblivion / dignified, without people and without human participation / if you want to dig in my past / then farewell, Pantheon, and farewell, Muses!


Subject: A Woman in the Pantheon
Author: Součková, Milada
Title: Woman in the Pantheon
Date: 1940-1949
Licence: Free license
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